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Inter-organizational Networks & Advocacy

Inter-organizational Networks & Advocacy

Multifaceted social, environmental, and political issues require the creation of interorganizational networks designed to share resources and coordinate efforts to influence public policy. Some networks create joint campaigns to educate the public and lobby. Others work together to conduct research and provide technical assistance to policymakers. And others incorporate local government leaders into their network and in doing so directly influence the policies of local and state-level agencies. Likewise, advocacy organizations and movements need to influence media agendas and representations in order to influence political discourse and public opinion. 

CCPP scholarship focuses on how networks assemble, manage, and are resourced. It determines effective network and advocacy practices for effecting policy. Areas of policy interest include, but are not limited to, education, climate change, health and human services, veteran care, human rights, and transgender rights. 

Recent Selected Publications: 

Recent Sponsored Projects: 

  • Improving veterans’ referrals by optimizing network design in response to COVID-19 (Sponsored by the Army Research Office)  
  • Collective impact and common goals: Planned vs. emergent net