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Policy Discourse, Framing, and Opinion

Policy Discourse, Framing, and Opinion

Policy is crafted and communicated through complex discursive processes that both reflect and constitute public culture. How policy and politics is framed and branded by strategic actors, communicated between citizens, and interpreted by citizens can influence citizen engagement, decision-making, and actionPublic opinion and public policy are intrinsically linked. Public opinion can either constrain or widen options for public policy, while policy discourse simultaneously influences public opinion formation.  

 CCPP researchers examine how these discursive, communicative, and opinion processes intersect with, and inform, public policy across a variety of domains including science, technology, and the environment, public health, and foreign affairs.  

Recent Selected Publications 

Recent Sponsored Projects: 

  • Mutual Perceptions of Russians and Americans (Sponsored by Carnegie Corporation/Valdai Club)  
  • Co-Evolution of Upstream Human Behavior and Downstream Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)