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The spread of false and misleading online information from both domestic and foreign sources, regardless of whether it is inadvertent or purposeful, pollutes political discourse and amplifies partisan discord – which in turn severely hampers the ability of society to address critical policy challengesThe global COVID-19 “infodemic” has only exacerbated this problem.  

How misinformation spreads through social networks, how misinformation evolves on social media platforms, how media behaviors and attitudes drive exposure to and endorsement of misinformationhow we proactively mitigate misinformation, and the downstream impacts of misinformation on behavior, policy, and society, are all essential questions that CCPP scholars explore.  

Recent Selected Publications 

Recent Sponsored Projects 

  • Anticipatory Misinformation Influence Sentinel System (AMISS) (Sponsored by Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) 
  • Quantifying the Downstream Effects of COVID-19 Online Health Information on Risk Perceptions, Decision-making, Policy References, and Preventive Health Behaviors (Sponsored by National Science Foundation) 
  • Quantifying Downstream Harms of Misinformation Shared on Social Media during the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election (Sponsored by Facebook)