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Tag: Political Extremism

CCPP Report Highlights the Danger from Violent Memes in 2024 U.S. Election

Memes have become a critical communication tool for partisan and extremist groups. CCPP scholars took a deep dive into the content of memes on alternative (or fringe) platforms, and what they found is just as concerning as it is fascinating. There is no doubt that 2024 will be saturated with online political content, but some

Register Now for the CCPP 2024 Winter Symposium: Digital Media, Extremism & Political Violence on March 8th  

CCPP will be hosting its first-ever research symposium on Friday, March 8th! Centered around the theme “Digital Media, Extremism & Political Violence in America.” This interdisciplinary event will feature four guest speakers from the fields of communication, political science, criminology, and policy studies that will provide the lastest research and insights on the relationship between